InternetCashArchive(ICA) is a learning platform(blog) created alongside with a dream to possibly provide solutions to every day's problem being faced online by Entrepreneurs and Business Owners in the Blogging, eCommerce, Traffic Generation, Make money online and related. Not only those mentioned but also providing tools, books, tips, guides, tutorials that promote better living for a fulfilled lifestyle.

How ICA Help Entrepreneurs?

This is a platform that focuses on bringing top quality tutorials, thoughts, ideas which are fully guaranteed to help business-minded grow their businesses online and start getting results as fast as possible as they can.

This blog is for:

  • Newbies (Beginners in the online marketing space wanting to learn the right system to make money online and being equipped with right tools in becoming a dominant figure online).
  • Intermediate (People who might have one or two ideas on what it takes to earn income online and ready to learn new tips to become super successful online).
  • Pro (People who want to learn and make more).


Meet Iyanuoluwa Taiwo. A Tech lover, an heart-centered Blogger from Osun State, Nigeria, English as my second language.

I’m an Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur, Website designer (WordPress related), Business Coach, and a Survey Technologist by profession. Also a Self-taught Graphic Designer (Photoshop Oriented). I do all my graphics myself both for my personal need(blog) or for Clients who need my service all around the Globe.

Always wanted to learn and teach new strategies especially in the internet and affiliate marketing industry. I spent pretty good hours with my Laptop every day to get myself updated, with proper practice and testing upon testing to know what is currently working in the IM and Tech space so as to give the right information to the right people who truly need it.

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How I got Started Online?

Over 9 years now in the .com industry and 6 years in the Internet Marketing industry. I owe a lot of my progress in life to God first and secondly to personal development through research and findings, trial and error till I become PRO at it. Also, some guaranteed learning resources like Youtube and some and experts also helped.

I have really learned a lot through the internet though not all training helped by the way. I got started online as a Blogger in 2012, went into mini importation business that same year, from there I went into freelancing services (working as a Graphic Designer on Fiverr and Upwork) before I quit.

I got myself involved in several businesses roaming online those days just to find that perfect business which to make me leave “The Laptop Lifestyle”. I have always wanted to stand on my own financial wise since I was 13 years old.

With all the businesses I got myself into then, yet I couldn’t find the right formula though was making some bucks through them but want something better. Something I could stick to for life if possible.

I wanted a guaranteed system that can make me passive income online even while sleeping. Do you know how it feels when you are FREE to do the things you loved without being hindered by anyone or so-called Boss?

In 2013, during the process of building my empire online, I came across some wonderful mentors who were able to positively change my mindset towards a lot of things in the .com world. I learned a lot of wonderful stuff and eye-opening ideas through their teachings, webinars, and private groups. They were God sent.



I have created a lot of blogs in the past in so many niches with nothing to really write home about but by God's grace InternetCashArchive.com is meant to stay for good.

My passion as an online Entrepreneur wanting to reach out and be the go-to resources that bring the right answers and smile to people’s face brought about this blog.

I want a platform where people can come to find solutions that are meant to help them giving out the right teachings, tools, freebies, reviews, and systems which are guaranteed to bring the best results to all my blog readers.

With lot of garbages online, I know how it feels to be frustrated and not get the right answer to a problem, so I want a blog that is assured to provide perfect solution and ideas to my readers.


There is this important quote of mine which I loved so much which is: Success will never come to you by luck or by magic but only through determination, hard work, and learning”

As long as you are coachable, ready to learn and won’t give up developing yourself, you’ll succeed and am ready to give you the best you need through my blog.

I never claim to know it all here but through the research and findings I make online, I get top-notch information from top resources which is hidden to so many people out there and am using this blog to reveal those information and ideas to all my blog readers.

I promise you real value, thoughts, tips, information, training, great ideas that are helpful both from myself and top entrepreneurs in the industry that will help you succeed online and for better lifestyle for better living.

I don’t preach nor teach gimmicks just to make some quick buck at the cost of my readers’ trust. I love what I do because it was built on the passion I have.

Once again, hearty thanks to all of my ICA readers, you are awesome. Be Cool!

Be Blessed!

Iyanuoluwa Taiwo Entrepreneur

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