Best Business Marketing Tool to Get High Paying Customers Online (For Your Business or Service)

Do you have a business or are you a startup looking to get your business noticed? Do you have a service you want the world to know about? Want your voice to be heard by people who truly cared about what you can deliver?

What business marketing tool can bring you a desirable result in your Business?

Do you know that a very sure way to get enough eyes (leading to sales or getting those high paying customers) for your business is to have a strong presence on the internet?

And to create a very long-term visibility around your business, there is need to have a business website of your own. This is how you showcase yourself or kinds of stuff to the world.


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If you have a business of our own but don’t have a website, let me quickly tell it straight to your face that you are losing out many great opportunities for your business.

A business website has been proven beyond shadow as a means to paint a picture of professionalism to your potential customers, you need it to stand out.

Do you know how imperative a simple, one-page business website could be in bringing the desired results you have always wanted all these while?

Imagine having your product right in front of high paying customers who are ready to buy right away.

How fulfilling would that be?

In today’s post:

1. You’ll learn the importance of having a business website around your business (no matter what the size of your business, brand or how small you think your company is).

2. You’ll get the step by step complete guide to set up your own business website yourself (even if you have zero programming skills in HTML or whatever). 

 – Even my 85 years old granny will find this actionable tutorial easy to follow. No stone left unturned.

3. Optional: You’ll also get to know how you can take advantage of our professional website creation service if you are the busy type person or looking for something extra (more info on this at the later part of the post).

An undisputed way to get enough eyes (leading to sales or getting high paying customers) on your business is to have a strong presence on the internet.Click To Tweet

Having an online presence for your business means having visibility for your business online where people (potential buyers and clients) get to know about or access your product, service or portfolio anytime, any day.

Your website is where people end up after Googling you or your business. This’s what they look at after you give them your business card, send them an email or a when a client recommends you.

When you have a face online, it makes it possible for your business to be seen everywhere (in every part of the world). And you are not limited in as much as there is internet availability, people can access you anywhere.

“Today, the collective voice of the internet is eclipsing the persuasive power of family, friends or colleagues when it comes to influencing purchase decisions” – Dave Senay, CEO of Fleishman-Hillard.

Some years back, when I started a mini-importation business (just like the conventional version of drop shipping business of today). I decided to write a book(a concise PDF eBook around it) so that I can market it online.

All I know back then was to get a free hosted space from google( So I bought a domain and link it together to make it look professional a bit.

With the help of some other relevant info online. I finally wrote the sales page. With little idea about what SEO was.

Probably thinking what SEO could be?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization which has to do with some activities or improvement done on or off your website in order to gain exposure on search engine result (like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on).

After several months (4 months after) even when I have forgotten about my ugly site.

I begin to rank locally on Google for some few keywords related to the web content found on the website sales page and people from every part of the state who has interest in my ebook begin to contact me on phone.

To be honest with you, I sold a pretty good number of copies even with my bad sales copy. I was able to sell the ebook with no single advertisement or word of mouth.

At this point:

  • I begin to realize the importance of having an online presence around a business.
  • I begin to see the huge impact a “one-page” business website could bring in a business.
  • I begin to learn how it can be used to accomplish so many different marketing strategies that’ll help a business grow in order to get the desired result.

And since then, I took it up to harness the power of content, digital and online marketing as a strategy to promote anything worth promoting – my myself, my business and my services.

So why am telling you this?

I want you to see the possibility and the unfair advantage you get over faceless competitors with no web presence.


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Why Bothering Having a Business Website?

As an entrepreneur or a business owner, you must know where your consumers are.

What if the consumers know about your business or service but can’t reach you? That’s one of the deadly risks you take by not having a website for your so-called business.

Probably, you are still not convinced yet,

It’s okay but these few facts below might make you have a second thought.

1.  Do you know that 97% of customers search for local business online? Now you know.

2.  73% of mobile searches leads to an action (such as phone calls, store visits, or purchases) while an hour of mobile research leads to 55% of purchases (or related conversions).

3. 89% of consumers use search engines to research a product, service or business first online before making a decision to purchase.

4. Aside having your business on Facebook, Instagram, having a web presence helps portray why your product or service is so great – because that’s the next bus stop for the majority of your potential customers online.

5.  It’s easy to attracts customers to you (even when they haven’t heard of your business or brand yet) through relevant content on your business website.

6. There is a very great chance of acquiring targeted customers for free and for life through search engines without the need to spend for online and social advertisements which should cost you some money to acquire a valid customer or sale.

7. Having an online presence (a website) makes it possible for you to market and advertise your business online with ease using any online marketing strategies which fit your business.

– Most online marketing strategies have been proven to be 1000% effective than any kind of offline advert you can think of.

What Are The Major Requirement To Set Up A Business Website Online?

It doesn’t cost a fortune to set one up.

You’ll need these three major things below.

  1. A Domain
  2. And a Host
  3. A WordPress Theme

Let me quickly explain them to you one after the other.

1. A Domain is your website address(link) just like, and so on. This is what point people to your website to see the content you have on them just like the way your physical home address directs people to the house.

– It usually cost from $11.99/year or upward to acquire one depending from the company you are buying from.

2.  A Host is where the website files and contents (everything you can see on the website) are saved to on the cloud space. The host is just like an house (or the back-end) that controls all the activities taken place on the surface (front-end) of your website.

– You can host your website at Bluehost with 60% discount today and also get a free domain name when you use their hosting service.

3. And a WordPress Theme. Upon getting a host and a domain name, you’ll need a WordPress theme which will be used to customize your website based on the look and feel you want for your website.

– There are free and premium themes depending on your taste but I always recommend you go for premium ones which are 100 times better than the freemium themes.

– See some business wordpress theme you can use, Click here!

The first two (a domain and a host) which were mentioned above are very essential. Without them, your website cannot come to live or be visible for people to see online.

You are probably reading this post right away simply because I have a domain ( and hosted the website through a hosting company called Bluehost.

Okay! How Do I Set Up a Business Website Of My Own Online?

Good question!

This is the aspect that scares most people off especially those with zero programming skills.

Can I just be real with you?

Honestly, you don’t need a developer to set up a simple business website for you unless you are looking for something extra, something advanced.

Simplicity is what that matters most in everything in life.

And for this purpose, I have created a comprehensive 3 easy-step guide that guides you in setting up and hosting your own professional business website in 5 -10 minutes from now.

You can’t be lost with the step by step guide I have given to you in the guide. Click here to read it!


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Upon Successful Website Setup

You need to get yourself acquainted with the basics of SEO (both the on-page and off-page).

You need to know some necessary actions and steps that speeds up your business visibility online.

Not only that! 

You must know how to properly write an SEO-optimized content for your website (very important) and I have fully got your back with a detailed guide on how to go about it via the links below.

  1. From Moz
  2. From BacklinkoSEO in 2018: The Definitive Guide – Backlinko

These two guys did proper justice to what SEO entails, they are truly an Authority.

Bottom Line 

No matter how small you think your business, company or brand is. It’s essential to have a web presence for your business. It’s of vital importance for every business to have a website.

Willing to go the extra mile?

I don’t think you have to be discouraged or get tired easily to get the maximum visibility your business deserves.

This is your business, isn’t it?

If truly you care about your business success. Pay the sacrifice now because there is no other perfect time than this moment while you’re reading this post.

The more commitments in your business, the more open doors for opportunities.

Stand up to take action today, learn, learn and learn.

With the guides I have given you, nothing should stop you from not getting your business website setup today.

Feel free to let us know your questions or thoughts by commenting below or on our Facebook Page.

We are always available for you.

Want to take your business to the next level?

YES! I recommend you check out our services page. Let us help you develop an effective business website for your business or service tailored to bring high paying prospective clients and make you stand out among competitors and also cover all the SEO works to get you the maximum exposure your business truly needs.

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I wish you all the best in your business.


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