January 2018 Amazing Deal – Get Your Professional Website Set Up Completely FREE($0)!

Professional Website Set Up Completely FREE

Could this be for real or this guy is just crazy for such service?

You’re probably wondering how could this be possibly true?


So what is the catch?

So many questions running through your mind right away. I can easily tell.

But here is the truth.



  • There is no catch.
  • This is 100% REAL and we meant it.


Get Your Professional Website Set Up Completely FREE – No Charge

I see a lot get frustrated and overwhelmed just to set up their website properly online.

While some can’t just afford the cost to set up a standard website(or blog) for themselves or business. I understand.

Having a website is beautiful.

It opens so many doors for great opportunities online, your business quickly gets noticed, stand out.

Professional Website Set Up Completely FREE

It gives you an edge over local business competitors thereby making you more income doing your stuff or through the service rendered.

So you can’t afford not to get one for yourself these days.

As a complete website design and online marketing agency, we have the right knowledge and skill to build anything you can think of.

We have come with a priceless web design services to help you get the maximum exposure for your business and get the desired result online just by building a custom WordPress site for you -100% free.

It’s going to be perfectly configured to serve your guests and clients.


But here is the question

Would you allow us to help you or your business?


I’m here to give you the best quality WordPress website for your business, brand, and portfolio fully customised to please your visitors.

Everything premium at zero fees.


Recently, one of my blog subscribers sent me this.

“Thank you so much to you! May God, this year 2018, help you always and will give to each one the best answer to be efficient in what She/He would like to achieve in business ways!

I will always do my best to read your message because it help me for more!
Thank you to you!
Merci a Toi!”

We have so many great offers for all our subscribers on VIP list this year – 2018.

Expect more mind-blowing offers and services like this again in February.

Not yet on our VIP list?

Click here to join right AWAY!


What We’ll Deliver

With over 5 years of experience in WordPress (website creation, designing and building).

The website we build for you will be completely responsive, clean, friendly to all search engines for easy ranking with ICA team.

Whether you need a site to sell your kinds of stuff or service, show off your skills or talent and make money from it, our team can bring it to life for you completely free this month.


We’ll install, set up pages and configure an amazing WordPress site(or blog) at zero cost for you only if you grab the opportunity right away.

This is a dream come true for those looking to have a business of their own online or start a profitable blog of their own but don’t have enough capital to hire a website designer.

We are not yet done!


What We Offer

We design clean

  • Blog (SEO & mobile responsive)
  • An eCommerce site (WordPress-based).
  • A Business website.
  • A Personal website to support your dream, skills or profession.

Just be free to tell us the type of website you would want us to design for you.


Check to see if your site falls or related to the type of site we build.

If not, contact us here

Blogs, Architect, Author, Agency, Bakery, Barber, Beauty, Book launch, Bookstore, Business, Cafe, Car Dealer, Car rent, Car repair, Charity, Construction, Creative Agency, Delivery Service, Dentist, eCommerce, Education, E-learning, Event, Entrepreneur, Finance, Financial Service, Fitness, Freelance, Gym, Hotel, Interior, Jewelry, Lawyer, Medical, Petcare, Real Estate, Restaurant, Professional Event, Sale Funnel, Spa, Travel, Wedding, Yoga website.

We advise you contact us first before anything and for some other enquiries.


What You’ll get for FREE!

  • A premium WordPress theme – $300 value
  • Proper On-page SEO – $800 value
  • Content Upload (Optional) – $100 value.
  • Essential Plugins – $400 value
  • Website Security – $250 value
  • Web Speed – $120 value
  • Google Analytics Integration – $60 value
  • Website SSL (HTTPS) Certificate (optional) – $150 value
  • Premium Quality Service – Priceless

All these worth above $3500 of Web design service right.

All of these for free? Oh Yeah!

I know you are probably wondering if this could be really true?

But let me tell you once again, this is TRUE and there is NO CATCH!

You are paying me zero free ($0 or in any currency of your country).


To Get Started

Here is the deal.

This free offer doesn’t cover web hosting, so you will have to purchase hosting before we can get started.

And in order for us to offer all the services mentioned above for you, we require you to sign up with our best hosting provider partner – Bluehost.

We couldn’t recommend any other suitable hosting providers better than them.

This is the same company we use to host all of our websites and for clients. So be rest assured of our recommendation.

We get a small commission, you also get up to 60% discount once you sign up through our special link here. 

The only thing you are paying for here is your website hosting and you gonna do this anyway. Isn’t it?


Maybe you have no idea on what hosting mean – What is web hosting?

My simple answer:

To host a website means to rent an online space (in the cloud server) through some trusted web hosting companies so that you can install, set up and save and back up your website files online.

Without this, you can not have a website online where people can reach you for business.


Steps to Follow to Get a Host

Let me do justice to how to go about hosting your site with Bluehost.

  1. Click here to sign up and get up to 61% discount instantly!
  2. On getting to their website, click on get started now button
  3. Select any plan of your choice though we always recommend plus plan.
  4. Enter your site domain name. (Hint: make it short and simple to remember).
  5. FIll in your necessary details to set up your account.
  6. Select any of their package plans. (their 36-months saves you more money but select according to your pocket)
  7. Make the payment either through card or PayPal (your choice).
  8. Submit to their terms and Submit.

Want a pictorial guide instead of the 8 steps above? Visit the link to the article guide here and scroll to step #1.

This is the best opportunity for you to have your dream website or blog set up professionally for you free of charge.

For as low as $60 you can host a website with Bluehost.

It’s super cheap with no diminishing in their service plus a free domain of your choice(your site name) given to you for free which would have cost you $14.99 or more to acquire.


Upon Succesful Hosting & Payment:

Send us the following with the titled “January 2018 Amazing Website Deal” via email:

  1. Receipt of Payment
  2. When exactly the purchase was made (date).

Email to:


Then relax while we reply and ask you for the necessary information to start your website design asap.

PS: Remember to use our special link to sign up to host your website. Very important



There is nothing to doubt here, you have nothing to lose, anyways you are not paying us any fee.

Secondly, we don’t promise what we would not do for you. We have a name to protect too.


Please Note:

  1. A single website will be designed for free per customer.
  2. You are free to invite friends but make sure they are on our smart list first. They can sign up here
  3. Free free to contact me if you want clarifications.

Limited time offer, few days left for the offer to close.


How Many Days Will It Take to Do This?

Due to queue, please be rest assured of 30 days minimum and it could be faster than this depending on the type of site deal we are working upon but we will attend first to people who are on our VIP list first.

And this is why you need to get on board right away and be on the list as soon as possible.

>> Click the link here and join VIP board list.

Remember to check your email address for your welcoming message.


Have Urgent Questions?

Use the messenger button or the comment section below to do that.

We’ll try to answer you as fast as possible as we can.

All the best!

Professional Website Set Up Completely FREE


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  1. Shama perveen on January 12, 2018 at 9:59 am

    Hii what if i have a hosting

    • Iyanuoluwa Taiwo on January 12, 2018 at 10:12 am

      Good! Go ahead to discuss what type of website you would want our team to create for you.

      If a fee(if any) will be involved in the process, you’ll be told.
      But to avoid any fee at all, we suggest you sign up for our recommended web hosting partner through our link in the article.

      All the best.

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